Space Saving Ideas for your Sunshine Coast Granny Flat


Choosing to build a Sunshine Coast granny flat doesn’t mean that you need to drastically downsize. In fact, if designed well, you can live very comfortably with everything at your fingertips. While we understand that a larger home may appear to be more luxurious, smaller and more compact granny flat designs do have equal amount of potential. Read on to discover how you can maximise the space in your Sunshine Coast granny flat.

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Find or Create the Perfect Plan

The first step in designing your new Sunshine Coast Granny Flat is to find a floor plan that suits you and your needs you can do this by either finding a pre-designed plan online, or engage an architect to design you a custom design. When working through your Sunshine Coast granny flat design, you need to make sure that all of your lifestyle and build site requirements are met.

While we have taken the time to create many different granny flat designs, we understand all too well the need to modify or customise based on your unique needs. Don’t ever feel like you are locked into a standard, cookie cutter design that will only meet some of your needs.


Research Open Plan Concepts & Ideas

Working with an open plan Sunshine Coast granny flat design will come with a wide range of benefits. An open plan design is the key to creating a space that feels much larger than it actually is!

An open plan design will also aide in increasing air flow and therefore passive cooling abilities. In addition, it will optimise the space in a much greater method. With wide, unobstructed spaces, arranging the furniture and storage is a much easier task as well.

Noosa Granny Flat Bathroom

Space Saving Solutions

More commonly, large homes have a fair percentage of unused space. When it comes to designing your Sunshine Coast granny flat, optimising any given area for storage will make the difference if you are downsizing. Consolidating the floor area with built in storage features will further save on space, allowing the open plan zones to remain clutter free and therefore still feeling large and open.

Creating rooms with multiple purposes is also key to maximising all you can from your Sunshine Coast granny flat. It will be ever so important to ensure that the design will meet all of your daily needs, which is why it may be imperative to design spaces that cater to multiple functions. If you are in need of a workspace, for example, consider transforming a study room into a home office nook, within a bedroom or even in your living zone. Enabling you to transition from home and work life without having to compromise on space in your Sunshine Coast granny flat. 

Granny Flat Living Area

Here at The Shed House we exist to provide you with the best advice when it comes to building your ideal Sunshine Coast granny flat. Our extensive range of design ideas can cater to any type of land or location and most importantly can easily be modified as you need. Make an enquiry with our team today to discover more about our Sunshine Coast granny flat space saving ideas.

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