Noosa Backyard Offices


Are you considering building a Noosa backyard office? Creating extra space for your business is what we specialise in, here at The Shed House. We offer a great range of modular PODs that can be customised to suit your exact home office requirements. The possibilities are endless, so whether you have specific requirements, are limited by land space or don’t know where to begin – we can help. We want to help spark your inspiration and show you what is possible to create. Let’s run through the options.

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1. Minimalist Home Office

Minimalist in colour, design and layout. Providing only the essentials. This Noosa home office is exactly like a blank canvas – ready for you to begin work. Surround yourself in all naturally made materials. Allow your work to become the central focus in this meditative space.

2. Home Office with a View

What do you usually look at whilst you are busy at your Noosa office desk? A view into nature is sure to beat all others! Make the most of the natural light and enjoy all that comes with the beautiful view. Your Noosa backyard office is specifically designed to increase your productivity.

3. Home Office Workshop

Don’t feel limited by what you do in your Noosa home office. For example, if your work involves both computer tasks and manual tasks, we can help you create a space for both. It will be important to consider flow and zoning of the home office space in order to maximise the space. A small home office certainly doesn’t restrict usage of the space.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Home Office

Further to the Home Office with a View – extend your working environment directly into nature. Create your very own indoor/outdoor workspace. Do you know what the benefits come from being outside in nature? Your blood pressure can be reduced, stress halved and mood improved – just to name a few. If you have the ability to move outdoors, this is certainly one to consider for your Noosa home office.

5. Compact Office Pod

Running tight on space for your parcel of land? We can still help to build your own Noosa home office. The smallest POD we have is 3m x 3m. The design options are really endless – so don’t feel limited by size. Whether you prefer an open space, a built in desk and storage or cabinetry and plumbing set up, we can accommodate your plans.

Still not able to find the right idea or fit? We are happy to chat to you further about your very own custom designed Noosa backyard office. We can cover the entire process from approvals (if required), engineering and build – or if you would prefer to manage the process yourself, we can supply the kit. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn what is possible.

Contact us to find out more information about building your Noosa backyard office. Trust your local builder.