Noosa Council Rules for Movable Offices

You may be considering building your own Noosa home office – what are the Noosa Council rules for movable offices? Do you need approval for a movable office? Most importantly, what is the importance pertaining to approvals and your timeframe requirements? As we delve deeper into 2022, one thing has become clear. More and more workplaces are moving to the home space. For a number of reasons – to increase productivity in an ever changing world, to ensure better working conditions in large workplaces and to facilitate flexibility in working conditions. Let’s cover the steps you will need to take in order to build your own home office.

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Noosa Council Rules for Movable Offices

Do I need approval – yes, the answer will always be yes. Building approval is required for all new building structures. Whether that be a granny flat, new home, extension or movable office. The Noosa Council rules for movable offices are as follows – provided you do wish to classify your home office as a class 10 dwelling.

  1. No more than 50% site coverage including all buildings.
  2. In order to obtain approval, you will require plans, engineering, reports and any further site specific requirements.

To clarify, a class 10 building is deemed as non-habitable. You can work in a non-habitable building, you just can’t live in one. The primary difference being the inclusion of a kitchen and bathroom. While a class 10 building may have a sink or tap for tea making facilities – you can’t have the whole bathroom or kitchen.


Steps To Follow In Order To Build A Noosa Movable Office

Contact The Shed House Team

There are a range of steps to follow when adhering to the Noosa Council rules for movable offices. Being that you have now established you would like to build a home office, you will need to contact the Shed House team to discuss your plans and pricing.

We can advise the next steps available to you – whether you are currently researching or would like to begin immediately. After our initial conversation, you should have a better idea on timeframes and realistic budget expectations. 

Begin the Plans

So if the pricing and timeframes will suit your particular project requirements, we will begin with the architectural plans. We offer all services in house, meaning that we will work with you during the design stage to ensure that your new home office will meet the Noosa Council planning guidelines.

Complete the Site Reports

Once the plans for your Noosa movable office are complete, we can send away for the relevant site reports. The site reports required will depend on your situation. Each site will have different requirements – bush fire rating or flood mapping, as an example.

Complete the Engineering

Next, we will finalise engineering. The engineering drawings will be based off the architectural plans and site specific reports. The engineer will calculate framing and load requirements – which are completely unique to every project.

Finalise the Price Contract

Now we have all of the information, we can begin to formalise pricing with you. From the outset, we do give fairly accurate price estimates – however until your plans, reports and engineering have been completed, we have no way of knowing what is exactly involved in the build. Rather than over-price at the beginning, we prioritise honestly and clarity during the process. Charging only for what we do and supply to you.

Begin Approval for your Noosa Movable Office

If based on the above information you are happy to proceed, we will engage our private certifier to begin the approvals process. We specifically work with certifiers that have extensive knowledge in the Noosa Council rules for movable offices. After building approval has been granted – we will begin work on your home office!

In summary, the first step in your home office building journey is to reach out to our team. We can provide information and advice based on your personal situation. So whatever stage you may be at – we can help with your research. See why we are so passionate about what we do, and learn more about the Noosa Council rules for movable offices.

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