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If there is one thing we understand, that is the importance of building an off grid granny flat. Many people on the Sunshine Coast are choosing to shift to renewable and clean energy sources. There are a few reasons why, including environmental benefits and of course the ability to save money long term. Let’s run through the benefits of building an of grid granny flat, and explore the different options available to you.

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How can I make my granny flat off grid?

There are two primary options to choose from when considering off grid energy. We need to assess your granny flat design and the location you choose to build on.

Option 1 – Connected to the grid

Is your land connected to the electrical grid? If so, then you have the ability to install a system which will add credits back to your electrical supply account. There are a number of systems available. All varying in sizes and functionality. For example, you may choose a battery system which connects to the solar grid, charging up throughout the day and storing energy for use in your granny flat at night time. Often these types of systems can assist in black outs and will always work to reduce your yearly energy usage bill.

Option 2 – Not connected to the grid, fully self sufficient

Imagine building your granny flat as a complete stand alone dwelling, not reliant on electrical connections what so ever. This is fairly common on the Sunshine Coast and well suited to those who prefer to control their household spending and environmental impacts completely. The options available in this instance will depend on what your usage requirements are. It is important to have an idea of this beforehand as there are multiple options and sizes of systems to choose from that will vary in price. Most off grid power systems are quick to install comprising of a battery that connects to the solar panel system and will come with a back up generator. Although the thought of building completely off grid may seem daunting, if you are aware of your daily usage requirements, you won’t run out of power.

What are the benefits associated with off grid energy?

So what are the benefits of an off grid granny flat, and why should you consider this? Actually for a number of reasons.

No Power Outages

Firstly, that you won’t experience any major power outages. When relying on power from a provider there are always things outside of our control – storms for example. While living without power for a short or longer period of time is not the end of the world, it is inconvenient to every day life. Especially those who rely on power for medical reasons. The batteries will save enough power to ensure you are never without power.

Control The Household Expenses

Secondly, you control and have power over your household bills. Off grid energy reduces your reliance on finite resources like fossil fuels that increase in price as they are depleted. Although the initial cost of the off grid system may seem higher than going without, the low monthly rates and ongoing maintenance costs will counteract that.
Thirdly, you are guaranteed energy whilst enjoying the remote lifestyle. Unfortunately, the chances of blackouts in remote areas are much higher, due to lack of infrastructure and serviceability. While we may enjoy a great view, resources are much different to that when living in populated cities.

Be Considerate to the Environment

Lastly, you choose to contribute to the environment in a more positive way. As with any type of renewable energy, solar power is more clean and green for the environment when compared to fossil fuel energy. Renewable energy provides everyone with the ability to reduce their carbon footprint. This is beneficial to nature as it minimises harmful effects of electricity, and methods utilised to create energy. 


In summary, it is clear that there are many benefits associated with an off grid granny flat. The only thing you should be concerned with is your own power usage (total daily consumption vs total energy generated by the solar panels). If you would like to learn more about which system will work best for your requirements take a read through the RedEarth Energy Storage website.

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