Benefits of Raked Ceilings in Granny Flats

Benefits of a raked Ceiling in your granny flat

What is the real benefit and significance of a raked ceiling in a granny flat? You may be wondering. First, let’s define what a raked ceiling is. Simply put, a raked ceiling is an inclined ceiling that follows the slope of the roof. It will allow for additional light and airflow to circulate. You may have heard of different terminologies being applied to a raked ceiling, such as pitched ceiling, high ceiling or vaulted ceiling, which can add confusion to the matter. So now that we have a clear definition, let’s explore the benefits of this wonderful building feature.

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Raked Ceilings Make a Space Feel Larger

Simply by lifting the ceiling height, you gain space. Especially if you are working with a smaller ground floor area, this is a big plus. We guarantee if you walk into any room that does have a raked ceiling, you will feel a great sense of light and space. The taller walls will open the possibility to more windows and doors, which in itself has major benefits.

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Increase Your Granny Flat’s Ventilation, Naturally

By simply increasing the space in any given room, you increase air flow. Consider placing louvres or windows at the highest peak to allow hot air to escape – hot air rises, right? Combined with other strategically placed windows and doors you can decrease your cooling bills in the Summer time. Don’t think that this design feature will make your granny flat colder in winter. With perfectly selected insulation, you can enjoy the benefits all year-round.

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Increase Natural Light in your Granny Flat

A raked ceiling will drastically alter the way that light travels through the space. The more surface area, the more light will radiate through and bounce around. The raked ceiling opens the possibility for creative light placement as well – think impressive pendent lights.

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Create an Architectural Masterpiece

While it is clear that there are many practical benefits associated with a raked ceiling, you also are creating a great feature. The crisp lines and custom look will add a big ‘wow’ factor to your new granny flat. There is no doubt that raked ceilings are quite impressive. This timeless feature will increase the aesthetic value of your granny flat.

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