Sense of Community


There are many benefits to living on the Sunshine Coast and one of our absolute favourites would have to be the sense of community that is built when living in the Hinterland.

Build A Community Feel

Loneliness is a major contributor to health issues, including depression. When you build connections, even with a small conversation at the dog park, you help to alleviate the feeling of being alone. Locals get to know each other by name which contributes to the overall sense of community that is unique to hinterland living on the Sunshine Coast. Even if you are not interested in knowing your immediate neighbours, you and your family may like to take your produce down to the local markets to turn a small profit. By doing this with your children you teach them business skills with the added benefit of spending quality time together as a family.

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Sharing Of Produce

When you have a property, you might like to try your hand at growing your own produce. However, just one tree can provide you with enough to feed a large number of people. When you grow fruit and vegetables you can be left with an overabundance and much can be left to go to waste. You can become a part of a community by living in the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, a community where you can share and swap your produce. This allows for a wider selection for yourself and helps build connections with those around you.

Looking Out For Each Other

In a community where people know one another by name or address, you know when something is not quite right. There is nothing like the sense of security that you can achieve by having a strong community that will look out for one another. Hinterland living on the Sunshine Coast provides both open space for properties, and self-sustainable living, at the same time, being close enough to the community that you can count on each other for produce, connection, and support. Read more about our Sunshine Coast builds here.

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