Building an Energy Efficient Granny Flat on the Sunshine Coast

At The Shed House we are passionate about creating unique, energy efficient Granny Flats and homes. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build a home which is well designed for the location. There are a range benefits which come from this. How can we help you achieve this and what are a few of our tips? 

Energy Efficiency

With a well designed custom home or granny flat you will reap the rewards of a lower power bill and more comfortable living. Have you ever lived in an estate home surrounded by neighbours fences? Typically you have to run the air-conditioning to cool the house. By choosing an elevated block with a Northerly Aspect you are well on your way to achieving an energy efficient home or granny flat. Build your home to suit your land, aspect and climate. Long term, these three points will become money savers and wise architectural decisions.

Cross Flow Ventilation

When designing custom homes and granny flats on the Sunshine Coast our architect will carefully place windows to maximise air flow through the home.

Natural Light

Bringing natural light into your custom designed home or granny flat has a wide range of health benefits and will save you a bundle off you power bill. When designing your custom designed home or granny flat we will discuss some of these features including modern roof windows which are becoming very popular.

Go Solar

You have the ability to reduce your bills, earn return on your investment, protect against rising energy costs, increase property value, protect the environment and combat greenhouse emissions. Why wouldn’t you consider solar?

Recycling Materials

Choosing the right cladding for your custom designed home or granny flat can assist with the energy efficiency of your home, most importantly it minimises the stress on the environment during the sourcing and manufacturing of the product. There are some great products now available which create cladding from recycled products. Click the link  to view some options.

There is a lot to consider when building a custom designed home and granny flat so contact the shed house experts today to start the journey today. 

Use Sustainable Materials and Methods

Aside from the benefit of major cost reduction, productivity can be increased, health can be improved - long term and during the build, waste is minimised and your quality of life is improved overall. Sustainable materials and building methods have been in practice for centuries but are only just being understood in terms of the positives
they can create.

Contact us to find out more or to get started on your building plans today!

Where Should I start?

If you are currently considering building a Granny Flat, or just looking for Granny flat Builders as you’ve already designed and chosen your plans  the best option will be for you to give us a call and ask about where to start. We offer a great range of designs, and can create custom plans to suit any site. Feel free to read more about Sustainable design and living here. Alternatively, read more about the build process here.