The Sunshine Coast Home Build Preliminary Process Explained

When it comes time to researching for a new Sunshine Coast home build, you will probably find lots of conflicting information when it comes to the build process and timeframes. The preliminary process – aka; steps required prior to the build beginning will differ from builder to builder. So too will the preliminary costs associated with these stages. Put simply, preliminary costs relate to the planning, design and preparation of your new Sunshine Coast home build. We are essentially talking about the costs associated with taking your dream home from concept to approved for construction. Let’s explore our preliminary process and all of the associated costs.

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What is the Preliminary Agreement?

Here at The Shed House, we have two stages of Preliminary Agreements –

1. Preliminary Agreement 1
2. Preliminary Agreement 2

Generally speaking, the Preliminary Agreement 1 will consist of; design of your architectural plans, site specific searches and/or site specific reports, the electrical plan, the plumbing plan, the window and door plan and the selections.

The reports may consist of the;

Soil test
Waste water report
Bushfire report
Slope stability report
Flood search
Wind Rating
Noise assessment
Vegetation overlay
Surveyor assessment

The reports you require will depend on your specific Sunshine Coast home build site. Of course, prior to entering into the Preliminary Agreement 1, we will provide a clear outline of this. For this reason, the cost of the Preliminary Agreement 1 may vary from build site to build site.

After approving your plans and prior to completing all of the selections, we will provide you with the first price estimate just to ensure we are keeping on track with your personal budget. Should these two meet up, it will be time to progress to the next step.

Upon signing & paying the Preliminary Agreement 2 deposit, we will begin organising engineering and building approvals. This stage may require less input from you (as compared to the designing and planning aspects) but will be equally as important! We will also provide a secondary price estimate just to ensure that all is tracking as you expect.

Once again, the fees associated with this stage can vary depending on your unique build location.

Step 1 - Consultation & Price Estimate

Can I Avoid Paying For The Preliminary Costs?

No, these fees can’t be avoided. Although not every builder will employ the same pre-construction process that we do. Meaning that while the Preliminary 1 & 2 fees may not be required upfront, they will likely be incorporated into the total build cost.


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