Sustainable Design Living with The Shed House

Sustainable design is the cornerstone for modern shed home living. At The Shed House, we promote use of efficient technology in sustainable design and building practice. We are proud of the specialised design features of our buildings and optional eco-friendly additions to minimise the impact of your new shed home on the environment.

By thinking about sustainability and ways to future-proof your home during the pre-build planning stage, you can save a lot of money – and minimise your impact on the environment – well into the future.

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Of course, we can create customised plans - designed to suit any individual family or site. 

Design and position

Fundamental passive design strategies aim to maximise the benefit of the physical location of your new home. This helps to capitalise on natural heating and cooling and reduces the need for artificial temperature control.

  • North-facing orientation – In Australia, this means the sun is directly overhead in Summer (your home is protected by your insulated roof). In Winter, sunlight and heat can enter your home from the northern face, naturally warming your home.
  • Cross-ventilation – Design your new home with a few windows and doors to take advantage of cross-breeze for natural cooling.
  • Energy efficiency

    The greatest consumption of energy in most buildings is electricity. And it is getting expensive! Reduce energy consumption by installing:

    • Low energy lighting like LEDs.
    • Energy efficient appliances.
    • Appropriate insulation in your ceiling AND walls.
    • Double glazed windows.
    • Solar panels (these can be connected to the grid or to a battery storage system).
    • Solar hot water system.

    You can also reduce the need to turn on the air-conditioning by improving the thermal insulation of your new home and taking advantage of the design and position strategies mentioned above.

    Water efficiency

    By law, new houses must meet minimum water efficiency requirements for sustainability in Queensland. Great water saving steps include installing:

    • Water saving devices (taps, showerheads, etc.).
    • Water efficient appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.).
    • A water tank – the bigger, the better!
    • A grey-water system to re-use clean house water on your gardens.

    Environmental sustainability

    At The Shed House, we believe in creating energy-efficient, eco-friendly homes with sustainable design. We encourage builders to consider:

    • Choosing a building site that requires little to no clearing of native vegetation.
    • Minimising soil disturbance and maintaining the site’s natural topography (important for vegetation and native animals).
    • Mulching the felled trees and retaining the topsoil for use in your new garden.
    • Designing a native garden or lawn around your home to keep the air cool in Summer, which reduces the need for artificial cooling.

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