Teenage Retreat – PODs

Most families will agree that sharing communal space with kids in their teens and early twenties can be a challenge, you may be considering a separate ‘teenage retreat’ space in order to maintain your sanity. PODS Sunshine Coast are the answer – portable, re-locatable buildings! The typical ‘teenager-ness’ is really just a battle for independence. Kids want to establish their own rules, have their own space and get a taste for being an adult. Meanwhile, you’re stuck, torn between protecting them from reality and booting them out so they can be stuck with their own smelly socks!

It’s true that most teenagers aren’t really ready to live out of home. There’s also a lot to be said about the financial benefits of young adults and couples living with parents to save for a mortgage of their own. With the expanding Sunshine Coast University, many school leavers are also choosing to stay on the Coast rather than move to Brisbane or interstate for tertiary education. That usually means continuing to rely on mum and dad. So if you don’t want them in the house anymore consider building a Sunshine Coast POD!

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If you enjoy living in each other’s space and tripping over someone else’s belongings all day and night, then sharing a single house is for you! But if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s a simple and cost-effective alternative.  Build a Granny Flat on the Sunshine Coast.

What is the POD?

The ‘POD’ design originally referred to a work site donga or a demountable building, often lacking architectural flair. Today we have made advancements enabling you to select cladding options and finish the interior yourself. Our PODs range from simple studio-style layouts, to complete 2-bedroom affairs, kitted out with all the modern conveniences. We can help you create the ultimate teenage retreat! View our plans here.

PODs not only offer alternative independent living arrangements (or teenage retreat style), but they are relatively cheap to build and can add value to your property. If you think a POD could save your sanity, here are a few things to consider:

How much space do you have?

Who is going to live there?

What is your timeframe?

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