What is a Tiny House Sunshine Coast?


There are many varying definitions that apply to the term – tiny house Sunshine Coast. So then, what does this building style mean, and what is the purpose for? A tiny house is essentially a small structure designed for living, working or projects. A Sunshine Coast tiny house will be significantly smaller than a regular sized house. Typically, the design will incorporate all of the comforts you should expect, but in a much more efficient and compact scale. Let’s explore the reasons why you should consider building one!

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Do I Need Council Approval for a Sunshine Coast Tiny House?

Yes, every Sunshine Coast building/dwelling does require council approval. The rules may differ slightly from council to council, whether that be the Sunshine Coast, Noosa or Gympie council. The type of building application will also depend on your longer term plans. For example, a temporary dwelling will have different rules to that of a more permanent structure. If you are planning on building a tiny house to live or work in – the approval process is quite straight forward and something we can assist with.

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Are Tiny Houses Strictly for Living In?

No, tiny houses in the Sunshine Coast don’t have to be lived in. The term tiny house does apply to multiple building design options. At The Shed House, we offer a range of transportable POD style buildings in the Sunshine Coast region. These backyard solutions have been designed to be fully customised – although we do offer a set range of options to choose from. You may want to expand your living situation and include additional space for your teens or family members. Or possibly you need an extra work space, gym, office or craft space. Your primary use will determine the final design – whether or not a bathroom or kitchen are included, for example. 

We have a unique approach to construction, and believe that flexibility is the key for tiny houses in the Sunshine Coast. Constructing with Australian made steel framing, the design is built on a skid system – making the building completely transportable. In addition, we do take into account transport rules and regulations in Queensland. We understand the importance of being able to move the Sunshine Coast tiny house, without stress. All that’s needed is a crane and tow truck, simple as that.

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Can I Build an Off Grid Tiny House Sunshine Coast?

Yes, you can build an off grid tiny house. After all, your idea behind building a tiny house may be to move off grid completely in the Hinterland. We offer the complete package including composting toilets, solar and battery energy storage.

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So why would you consider building a Sunshine Coast tiny house – what are the benefits? Simply by downsizing your living situation, you have the ability to reduce your stress, or live off the land entirely. Alternatively, if you are building a tiny house for your at home workspace, you are creating the ability to separate work from home – an increasingly difficult task. A tiny house is also a much faster solution when compared to renovations – giving you a faster result.

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