Benefits of Downsizing Your Life – Build A Tiny House in Noosa


Have you been considering downsizing and building a tiny house in Noosa? There are so many benefits that come from downsizing your living situation. Whether it is for financial reasons, for mental health, lifestyle, and the list goes on. How can The Shed House help you to achieve the ideal tiny house build? Being Noosa locals, we understand the region well, and couldn’t think of a better way to live. Ranging all the way from the pristine beaches to the hinterland, the region certainly does put on a great show. We want to explore the benefits of this change and why you should consider building a tiny house in Noosa.

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Benefits of Downsizing?

Controversially, downsizing your house may seem like a daunting task. However, we want to point out that while the journey won’t be completely free of stress (as any move or build would be), it will provide you with so many lifestyle benefits.

By downsizing to a tiny house, you are reducing responsibility and workload, and increasing cash flow, time and stress. You will find so much additional time on your hands which you can spend down at some of Noosa’s great beaches, exploring the hinterland or for spending with family.

It will be important to consider how the transition and the big change will affect you personally. Switching from a regular sized home to a tiny house will certainly take a bit of adjustment, to begin with. You will start to notice less of a need for objects and clutter – as essentially the change will force you to evaluate what is necessary and what isn’t. It is quite amazing how much you really do need to live and function as an adult – probably a lot less than what modern society teaches us. 

Save Money with The Build!

Smaller living spaces are generally less expensive to build compared against a large family home. That being said, your finishes and selections will dictate the final costs, however given that the overall frame, labour and materials will be less, you can afford to spend more where it counts!

Remove Unnecessary Clutter!

As we go through life, we have a tendency to accumulate things. A tiny house will force you to evaluate and review all of your possessions. You can begin with a clean slate!

Lower Your Living Expenses!

One of the biggest benefits in downsizing, is the ability to save on all of your bills. Heating and cooling will be much easier – given a smaller space takes less time to heat or cool. Here at The Shed House we are passionate about building off grid homes so ensure that we select the correct materials such as good quality insulation and cladding. The materials we use to build will make passive cooling a reality as well. Total use of cleaning products will also be reduced. The smaller the space – the less you need.

Lifestyle Change!

The other great benefit coming from downsizing is the lifestyle change you will experience. Spend less time cleaning, maintaining and on chores. Spend more time doing what you love most in life.

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Tiny House Noosa Build Information

So, now we have covered the benefits in downsizing to a tiny house Noosa, what is the process? Where should you begin? Firstly, you will need to start researching design options – learn what it is you want and need from a tiny house. View more of our plans here.

Perhaps you don’t find exactly what it is you need, well then consider a custom design. We believe that not one person will fit the mould; therefore there is a need to customise. Once you can evaluate your needs exactly and have a rough idea of your design, it is time to contact us to discuss your plans and work out a rough price.
We will begin by starting the plans, engineering and work through the approvals process with you. Once we have been given the green light from the Noosa Council it is time to begin building.

Our Noosa tiny houses are modular and can be built on or off site. The beauty in the design is being built on a set of steel skids – meaning you can transport your little home anywhere!

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If you are researching or serious about beginning work on your Noosa tiny house, please get in touch with our friendly team today. We can’t wait to help you begin the process!

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