Your Sunshine Coast Granny Flat Cabinetry – Why Choose Australian Made Materials?

Benefits of a raked Ceiling in your granny flat

So, you have decided to build a Sunshine Coast granny flat and are beginning to plan your build – including the granny flat cabinetry selections. Let’s discuss the importance of supporting local suppliers and how this relates to your cabinetry selections. Here at The Shed House we pride ourselves on sourcing locally manufactured materials for our Sunshine Coast granny flat builds. The advantages of buying Australian made are in the quality and finish. Now considering that the kitchen and bathroom will be one of the most utilised zones in your granny flat, we believe that the finishes should be able to withstand all that daily life has to throw at it! Read on to learn more about our local granny flat cabinetry suppliers.

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Advantages of Choosing Local Cabinetry Suppliers

The advantages of supporting a local Australian manufacturer for your granny flat cabinetry are many. When you choose to support local industry, that business can in turn provide economic and social benefits to local communities. Whether this be through employment, purchasing from local producers, industry growth or creating skills within the community.

One of the biggest reasons may also be designing for longevity. You can be assured that Australian made materials will stand up to hard wear and daily use. After all, Australian made materials are designed for Australian households! 


Which Australian Manufacturers Do We Use For The Granny Flat Cabinetry?

Let’s run through our preferred list of Australian made and owned granny flat cabinetry suppliers.


Did you know there is a Laminex manufacturing plant in Gympie? Although yes some components may be made in other states. The Laminex brand has a strong attachment towards keeping all manufacturing local. The brand frequently invests in new technology to better their manufacturing process. Sustainable practices are also another focus – limiting the use of water and electricity. They use water based resins and cleaning systems which reduce the level of toxicity and pollution.

Choosing Laminex in your granny flat cabinetry will go a long way to support local communities and to reduce the toll that manufacturing methods take on the planet. Plus we love the look and feel of a Laminex kitchen, with so many finishes to choose from, you will find the right option to fit your taste.

Essastone – by Laminex

As the Laminex brand has developed over time, their current range now includes other finishes such as Essastone which enable you to keep all of your granny flat cabinetry finishes local. Essastone once again is made entirely within Australia. The ranges draw inspiration from Europe, allowing you to experience the most luxurious finishes.

The Essastone brand combines clever engineering together with bold, sleek and innovative finishes and colours. What’s not to love about an Essastone engineered benchtop?

Dulux Paints (2pac)

If you are looking for a completely unique finish to your granny flat cabinetry, consider a 2pac finish on the cabinetry doors and drawers. There is no doubt that a 2pack finish will be more costly than laminate, however there are many reason you might want to consider the upgrade. A 2pac finish will allow you to choose profiled doors. If you are wanting to achieve a shaker style aesthetic with your granny flat cabinetry, this finish will allow you to do so. There are many variables to choose from including the colour and gloss level. The most popular being to match the cabinetry with the colour of your walls – being that 2pac paint is a Dulux paint. The Dulux brand is an Australian institution – having been in business for over 80 years now. They have factories and facilities in both Queensland and Victoria. Like Laminex, Dulux has a large commitment to sustainability and works with local charity organisations within the community such as Surf Life Savers Australia.

Step 8 - Internal Fit Out Build Process

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