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As one of the leading alternative building companies, we understand the importance in choosing Australian made materials – especially when it comes to your Sunshine Coast POD flooring selections. We know that in order to last, your flooring selections must be of a good quality material. When you think about it, your flooring will be one of the most utilised surfaces in your new Sunshine Coast POD. Whether walking around bare-foot, with boots or designer shoes, the surface will need to withstand and endure hard wear! Read on to learn about the types of Australian made floor finishes we offer – including the pros of each type.

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What Sunshine Coast POD Flooring Options do we offer?

You may have read about how at The Shed House we completely support all Australian made materials and suppliers. The biggest reason owing to the fact that us Aussies produce good quality finishes and products. Let’s run through the different companies and flooring types that we offer for your Sunshine Coast POD flooring selections.

Beaumont Tiles

Who else better than Beaumont tiles to supply your tile flooring? With over 60 years’ experience under the belt, Beaumont tiles originally opened in Adelaide as a small scale store. It is fair to say that their range of quality options and great service opened up the opportunity to expand Australia wide!

Why would you choose tiles as your Sunshine Coast POD flooring option? Tiles are quite versatile and can cater to most all styles and tastes. Tile flooring is very low maintenance – cleaning is a breeze. You needn’t stress about the products you use to clean or how wearing shoes around can scratch the surface. 

 Queensland Timber Flooring

One of the leading timber floor suppliers, Queensland Timber Flooring carries a wealth of knowledge about timber. We know that installing timber flooring can be a bit tricky, especially when considering that timber is a completely natural product so therefore is subject to expansion, warping and movement! The knowledge base behind the brand ensures that your beautiful timber floor will be installed correctly and will last for many years to come.
All timber flooring sourced and supplied by Queensland Timber Flooring is responsibly and sustainably grown. The majority of their timber is sourced from two of the oldest saw mills in Australia, guaranteeing a high standard of quality.

When discussing timber flooring, it is important to note that there are two primary categories – solid board and engineered. Solid timber boards are just that, engineered timber flooring combines the best of the nature and ingenuity. Engineered timber boards are comprised of a top layer (such as blackbutt timber, if that is your preferred species) sitting on top of a composite or less expensive timber type – sometimes layers of different types of hybrid wood materials and left over wood products.

Godfrey Hirst Vinyl Planks

The large scale Australian flooring supplier Godfrey Hirst has been established for quite some time now. With a commitment to designing, manufacturing and supplying very high quality flooring options. Placing emphasis on wearability and use in the traditional Australian home.

Godfrey Hirst timber vinyl planks are one of our most popular selections for the Sunshine Coast POD flooring. This cost effective, durable and aesthetically pleasing option will tick all of the boxes. Vinyl plank flooring is water resistant and will withstand a high level of wear. Further, it is very low maintenance. With a regular sweep, vacuum and a weekly mop, that’s all that is required!

Godfrey Hirst Carpet

We won’t repeat any information about our carpet supplier as we would simply double up. So jumping right to the facts, Godfrey Hirst carpets are a fantastic choice for your Sunshine Coast POD bedroom flooring (of for use throughout!). 

Our carpet selections are budget friendly, they feel fantastic underfoot and will help to reduce noise (which may be important to those building on a suspended floor). Due to the fact that Godfrey Hirst are an Australian company, they understand how important it is to produce carpets that will suit every day life. Not only are their carpet selections durable, they are also stain resistant. 

Joans Ponderosa - Master Bedroom

How will the floor system be built? How does this impact the flooring choice?

We offer multiple building options when it comes to the design of your new Sunshine Coast POD. We believe in providing flexible options, as no two builds, or locations will be the same.

Our PODS can either be built on site or off site – all depending on the level of access to your preferred final spot. When built off site and delivered, they will be mounted to a series of skids (like large ski’s) which will enable us to transport the building. The building will then be mounted to a series of posts in the ground, resulting in one or two steps up to the threshold.

If built on site, you may wish to build in exactly the same method, or up on a steel suspended floor system (similar to that of the previous) or straight onto a slab.

Ultimately, your new Sunshine Coast POD flooring choices won’t affect the building method – nothing is impossible. That will go without saying that vinyl planks or carpet would be better suited to the build off site option. During transport, the POD is subject to movement – soft and flexible flooring types will work best with this. During your selections process, we will guide you through the options and can discuss all of the pros in better depth. 

Jenelle's Weekender - Studio Living Area

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