Benefits of a Suspended floor

Suspended Floor #1 Sunshine Coast - The Shed House

A Suspended Floor, Why?

Building a suspended floor on the Sunshine Coast is a viable and often the only option to building a home. Avoid paying huge sums for the site excavation needed for a concrete slab. Often owners here on the Sunshine Coast face difficult slopes to place their homes in the prime locations.

A simple and effective flooring option. Sitting the SHS posts on, or in the concrete footing, connecting to the nesting channel and floor joists to create the steel frame of your floor. There are a wide variety of benefits which owners love once the suspended floor is built! 

Suspended Floor #2 Sunshine Coast - The Shed House

Decreased Costs

Whilst not true on relatively flat blocks. Building on a block requiring retaining for a slab, an owner should consider their options. Building a suspended floor on the Sunshine Coast could certainly be a cheaper option in comparison to all the site-work needed.

Site work requirements are significantly less for a suspended floor than that of a slab, on un-even terrain.
Suspended floors save on the  time required on site and materials needed to complete the work.

Creates Space

- Creating a suspended floor creates the ideal space to provide extra storage for some of your house hold items.
It can even, depending on the clearance, be turned into a garage, laundry or any other additional rooms further down the road, should you choose to add these at a later date.

Views & Clearance

- Placing your new home on an suspended floor on the Sunshine Coast, whether in the hinterland or nearer the beach, can elevate one's view from average to spectacular. The panoramic views on offer throughout the Sunshine Coast are breath taking.

- A suspended floor also moves your home a minimum of 400mm*  (*with the Sunshine Coast Council) off the ground from insects and pests prevalent on the Coast, namely, white ants. 

- Raising up to a suspended floor also helps to naturally regulate the temperature inside the home in warmer and cooler months. 

Available with all of The Shed House build options, whether it's a Kit Home, Lock Up or a full Turn Key project. Contact us today to go through your plans and requirements! Read more about the build process here.

Suspended Floor #1 Sunshine Coast - The Shed House