Building to Lock Up with The Shed House

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Building to Lock Up on the Sunshine Coast

Home builders in the modern age offer a range of products & services, from providing simple kit homes delivered to any address to building bespoke, turn key granny flats & homes. Also offered is a middle tier option - building to Lock Up. Allowing owners to either complete the build themselves from that point onward or project manage each of the coming stages with the appropriate tradespeople. This allows flexibility for owners to pick and choose thier level of involvement in their build. 

Benefits of Building to Lock Up with the Shed House?

1.  The Shed House builders are able to build quickly and effectively. With lots experience building with steel stud frames. Keeping costs down and decreasing build time for owners.

2. The Shed House will project manage the initial stage of work until the agreed Lock Up stage is met. Taking stress off owners, allowing planning to align the remaining trades to complete their respective work.

3. With trade accounts and professional project management, The Shed House is not only able to quickly source the needed materials, but source them at a reduced rate to what owners may be able to.

4.  Owners pick how much of the build The Shed House should complete. This allows greater flexibility for owners on how to spend their time before and during the build.

5.  The build is left ready for following trades to quickly follow on and complete their respective work in the home or studio.

The Lock Up Process

1. Approvals

We organise, prepare and lodge all necessary paper work for your project.

2. Design & Engineering

We help to finalise your design and engineering.

3. Site Works

Prepare your block and dig the foundations for the building process to begin.

4. Flooring System

We pour the footings & or slab of your building, and erect the steel suspended sub-floor on sloping blocks.

5. Home Construction

Commence & complete building the exterior components; roof & walls, as well as the windows & doors.

What's Included?

Generally included:

Lock Up builds generally include the aspects of a home or studio which make the building lockable, however still incomplete.

Items usually include are the wall and roof frames (steel), the roof and wall exterior sheeting, the floor system (concrete slabs & suspended floors), windows, doors and gutters. Some go as far to include the plumbing, electrical work and other services too.

Typically not included:

Are the following aspects; interior lining,  any fixtures or fit outs throughout the house, or final connection of services to mains (electrical, water or sewage), .

Each build is different though, with owners requiring differing levels of completion. The Shed House is able to fulfill as much of the build project as an owner would like.  Contact The Shed House to discuss your project.