Build Your Own Shed Home – How To Become An Owner Builder

Becoming an Owner Builder

So, you are thinking of building your very own shed home? However, are uncertain of all the required applications and what is needed to become an owner builder?  First let’s explore the process and when council applications come into play.

Step 1 - Starting research;

Ideally, you would have purchased your land, and worked out a rough location for your new shed home. Next, the research stage begins – selecting your plan, and working out if there are any council restrictions dependent on your Local Government – for example building as a secondary dwelling. We do list helpful tips for those building within the Moreton Bay, Sunshine Coast, Noosa  and Gympie region here. Next comes the quote, contact us to discuss exactly what you are after – and we will work with you to achieve the budget you had in mind.

If you are happy with indicative pricing, and have a good understanding of what your local council requires – it is time to start moving ahead with getting a Soil Test, and getting any of your site plan drafted by an architect. You will also need to engage a certifier during this period, to help with the council lodgement application process. After finalising these few items, we will draw up a formalised quote, and contract confirming these items with you. 

Step 2 - Builders Licence;

Obtaining an owner builder licence is a relatively straight forward and in-expensive exercise. You will need one to undertake work on your own property or home to the value of more than $1 100 [if not employing someone else with a builders licence]. An owners builders licence won’t permit you to undertake work of other licensed trades such as an electrician. To obtain the licence, you will be required to take a course – either online or in person, which will be valid for six years from issue. The total cost of the application can vary dependent on the level of licence you require. The average fee sits around $500 – we suggest you take a look on the QBCC website and take a look further at the individual application fees. Ideally, you would obtain the licence around the research stage, prior to engaging your certifier. 

Jumping through council hoops to obtain necessary approvals before starting to build your home can be stressful and time consuming. That’s why our team offers complimentary assistance to all owner builders located within our service area on the Sunshine Coast to guide you through the council application process – so you can get on to building your new home! Have a read through our owner builder checklist if you are starting out.

Building Process:

Once you have completed all of the above steps, the exciting part can begin – the build!

What is included with one of our kit homes? After all approvals have been granted, and the contract is signed, a kit home will be delivered to your site, in the form of a flat pack. As part of the kit, we send individual plans, and step by step instructions designed to make the kit erection process quick and simple. In order of completion – generally, you will need to start from the ground up;

  • Slab, or footings, dependent on your flooring system – inclusive of any electrical and plumbing [if applicable]
  • Kit erection, windows and doors, cladding, roofing, insulation.
  • Trades – you will need to bring in licensed trades to help during this section, such as electrician, plumber.
  • Moving into the inside, customising your home!
  • Landscaping and final elements.

Kit Home Inclusions - for Owner Builders

1. Design & Engineering

2. Kit Fabrication

3. Kit Delivery

4. Complete Building Manual

What Next?

If you are considering taking on an owner builder project, make sure you take a look at all of our plans – and contact us to discuss your plans today!

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