Kit Homes & Owner Builders

Kit Homes & Owner Builders

Looking to build your own home? Kit homes & owner builders are a growing and viable option for more and more people in Australia. Owner Builders not only save more money,  but are also able  to design and finish their homes as they wish. So, what are the benefits of starting & completing your very own kit  home?  How do you start & what do you need?

Theses common questions and more are answered below. 

The benefits of being an Owner Builder?

Being an owner builder of a kit home & being your own boss on your own house build, is one of the most rewarding & fulfilling experiences.  Why Build your own steel framed home? 

1. Pre-Cut & measured frames which are labelled - No on site measuring and cutting.
2.  Light weight steel stud frames - Easy to lift & maneuver into place.
3. Easy to follow 'DIY' guide - Step by step process for assembly.
4. The frame includes all service holes for trades & allows lining with  the stud frame - Decreasing build time.
5. The easy addition of upgrades & variations are available - Please contact the Shed House office for these.
6. Delivered in a flat-pack allowing for cheaper shipping - Reducing overall cost
7. Steel frames are designed to withstand Australian conditions to standard - Designed & manufactured in QLD.
8. Owners are in-charge of the build time - The build follows your pace.
9. Owners have the final say on finishes, trades & tradies - Personal touch & influence on every aspect of the home.

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How do I start?

How do I start this project? Empowering yourself with as much information as possible should be your primary starting point.

Read more here, and contact us!

Did you know that The Shed House can do bespoke Kit Home Designs?

What do I need to know as an Owner Builder?

Which Documents do I need?

As an Owner Builder you will need to ensure you hold the relevant Owner Builder Permits (QLD), as well as consider the documents needed in the below table. The Shed House can assist you throughout this process

Documents Required

Responsibility lies with:

Final Plans & Elevations
Owner / The Shed House
Engineering & Design & Form 15
The Shed House
Site Plan, Drainage, Plumbing and Electrical
Energy Efficiency Report 
Private Building Certifier
Soil & Slope Stability Reports
Slab / Footing Engineering & Design and Form 15
The Shed House
Engagement Agreement
Private Building Certifier & Owner
Window & Sliding Door Form 15
The Shed House
QBCC / Insurances for Council

Who else is needed to complete my Kit Home?

Unless you are a certified electrician or plumber you will need to have these professional trades people complete a number of aspects of your Kit Home build. You can complete certain aspects of their roles to help speed up their build time and reduce their overall cost.

It's best to discuss this with each trade during the quote stage and have a formal written agreement as to what each party will complete.

What's Included in a Kit Home?

When you order your Kit Home, what do you get with it?
What is provided and what do you need to source to get the kit home to the Lock Up stage? Contact us to find out!

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