Types of Granny Flat Cladding

Often, we are asked about which will be the best granny flat cladding option. In fact, this will probably be one of the biggest decisions you make through the project. In short, the best type of cladding will boil down to a number of factors. Energy rating, aesthetic, maintenance and durability.

Let’s review the different granny flat cladding options, in order to help you select the best one for you. 

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Considered to be the best low cost granny flat cladding option. The metal sheets come pre-painted, saving time on site. Likewise, there is no maintenance in re-painting over time. The ZINCALUME® steel base is corrosion resistant. The baked on paint finish will resist chips, peeling and cracks. COLORBOND® cladding is very versatile. Allowing you to select different finishes and choose the direction it will run across your new granny flat. There are also multiple different profiles to choose from including; TRIMDEK®, CUSTOM ORB® and many more.

In summary, if you prefer a hardy, maintenance free and cost-effective option, COLORBOND® cladding will work best for you.

James Hardie Cladding

Once again, known for its’ durability. The fibre cement composition has been designed to withstand most all weather conditions. This cladding option will fit into any climate – dry, wet, hot or cold. The weatherboards are also fire resistant, a big plus for those wanting a traditional look without sacrificing. The boards will not warp, rot or buckle in different weather events. The composition is not in the slightest bit appealing to insects, so you will be safe from any termite infestations. James Hardie products have also been identified as an environmentally friendly option. The methods employed to produce the boards are all quite sustainable.

You will however be required to paint the boards at time of installation, and every few years to maintain longevity. There are higher labour costs involved with installation – ultimately depending on the profile you choose. 

In summary, if you value sustainability and enjoy a traditional aesthetic, James Hardie cladding will work best for you.

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Weathertex Cladding

Weathertex cladding is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. The boards are created from PEFC certified state forest timber. Generally, this product is easy and quick to install. No glue or adhesives are required to install. This product has a better than zero carbon footprint. The boards are composed of 97% natural timber and 3% natural wax. The boards are termite resistant as the sugars and starches have been removed from the timber. This product has been engineered to last in the Australian climate and withstand weather events.

However, once again, you will however be required to paint the boards at time of installation, and every fifteen years to maintain longevity.

In summary, if you are in search of a low VOC and sustainable cladding option, Weathertex boards will be your best option. 

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All granny flat cladding options that we offer have been specifically selected for a few reasons. Firstly, due to hardiness. We like to ensure the quality of materials will last the test of time and survive in this Australian environment. Secondly, due to environmental reasons. Sustainability is in the forefront of every building we create. We build for the future. Thirdly, due to cost. This is a very important factor. All of our granny flat builds are designed to be affordable, in both the initial outlay and for long term.

If you are still feeling usure about what will be the best granny flat cladding option, chat to our friendly team today. We can help narrow down the best option to suit your personal preferences and requirements. You can view some of our most popular granny flat plans here.

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