Flooring Types for Granny Flats

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So you are currently considering building your very own granny flat, what are the flooring types available to you? Once you have finalised your granny flat plans, any site specific reports, and the contract has been drafted, you can begin to select the finishes.

 We see this stage as the most exciting part. This is when you actually begin to see your vision come to life. Flooring types and finishes are very important in the big scheme. You may be wondering, when choosing to build with The Shed House, what flooring types are available to you?

 Lets run through the different types below.

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Hybrid Plank Flooring

Firstly, what are hybrid vinyl plank flooring types? Hybrid flooring does fall under the category of vinyl flooring. The hybrid brings together the best characteristics of vinyl and laminate to create an easy-to-install and durable flooring type. If we were to deconstruct the layers, we would find the composition to include, from base to top:

  • An acoustic underlay
  • Composite core board
  • A decorative printed layer
  • A commercial grade top coat or protective coating

Running through the associated benefits, hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof. Thanks to the top coat/protective coating. Cleaning is also a breeze on this flooring! This flooring type does have minimal maintenance, long term. The planks are stain resistant, meaning that they can be enjoyed for decades to come. The top layer also adds durability, making them impervious to scratches and dents. Our particular range of hybrid planks come in a wide array of finishes, sure to match your personal taste.

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Carpet Flooring

Carpet is among one of the most popular flooring types in the Australian market. Soft and plush underfoot, we struggle to see what is not to like. So, what are the benefits?

Carpet can be installed at a reasonable cost, so if budget is in the forefront of your decisions, adding carpet to the bedrooms is a sure-fire way to keep the final build cost low. In terms of noise, carpet will tick the boxes. The materials work to reduce echo and stifle noise. Which can be especially good in a suspended floor home. Carpet is versatile! We have such a wide range of finishes, colours and types to select from. Whether you prefer cut pile, loop pile, natural or blended fabrics. We can source it all.

In summary, for those wanting a cost-efficient and versatile flooring type, carpet is a great selection.

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Vinyl Flooring

In addition to carpet, vinyl is one of the most popular flooring types. Used in busy homes, cafes and commercial applications. There are so many pros to this cost effective and durable flooring type. Lets run through some of the other benefits.

Vinyl flooring is completely water resistant, a big plus in family households. All surface water and spills won’t be a problem. This type of flooring is ideal for use in kitchens, living and dining areas, and possibly even bathrooms. It is also a great option for pet owners. Most vinyl flooring types are very durable, coming with a commercial grade finish.

The long term maintenance is low, with regular sweeping and weekly mopping. That is all that’s needed! So for those looking for both a cost efficient, durable and low maintenance flooring option, vinyl will work well for you.

Timber Flooring

Whether choosing an engineered option or solid board, timber flooring is the best way to bring nature indoors. You may be wondering, what is the difference between the two timber flooring types?

Engineered timber flooring will offer a range of different performance results. As compared to solid timber flooring. Firstly, engineered timber boards offer the most authentic look and feel, at a lesser cost. You would not be able to tell the two apart. In addition, engineered boards are produced in a more sustainable method. Made primarily from plantation-grown trees, this is much more sustainable as compared to slow-growing hardwoods.
Solid timber flooring will offer great durability and will last for a long time. Depending on the type of timber you select, you can be guaranteed good resistance to dents. Also depending on the finish (high gloss-semi sheen) scratch visibility can be reduced.

Timber is a wonderful option that will last in the long term, however will require maintenance over time.

Are you still wondering about what the best flooring type will be for you? Our friendly team are always available to chat and discuss your particular circumstances. Above all, we suggest solutions that will fit within your budget and tick all of your long term goals. We believe in designing and building for the future. We do this by reducing maintenance, cost both upfront and long term and choosing the best materials to suit your needs. The better suited the materials are, the longer they will last.

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