Sunshine Coast Teenage Retreats


Choosing to build your own Sunshine Coast teenage retreat could be the answer to all of your growing family challenges. It is certainly fair to say that most families with older kids or teenagers will experience discomfort from sharing a communal space. Creating or building a separate zone outside of your main living area is a good way to preserve your sanity! Our Sunshine Coast teenage retreats are designed to alleviate the stress that comes from crowded living. Here at The Shed House we specialise in building re-locatable, portable, modular buildings, tailored to your exact requirements. Let’s explore our range of PODs and discuss why they may be a suitable selection for your Sunshine Coast teenage retreat.

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What Makes A Great Sunshine Coast Teenage Retreat?

If you don’t mind sharing space, dealing with noise, tripping over other people’s belongings and becoming a personal cleaner - then you won’t need to change your living situation. However, if you are looking to add space and create harmony – please read on. We have made great advancements with our range of modular buildings – with all the right architectural flair. Providing you with the ability to choose the cladding, and design the interior. While you may have set ideas regarding the external look, if you are choosing to build a Sunshine Coast teenage retreat – the internal planning may need a good amount of consideration. After all, you would like for your teens to enjoy spending time in here!

So then, what should the interior of your Sunshine Coast teenage retreat look like? It will be important to consider what your teens will use the space for; gaming, reading or hobbies? In either case, it would be advisable to keep an open space to furnish as you wish – with a desk and computer for example. We all know that your teens probably eat you out of house and home, right? If they are busy on the computer or working on a great project, it is fair to say that all the effort will work up an appetite! Considering a small bar space and possibly a sink will save your kitchen from the extra foot traffic, and may even save your favourite food from disappearing so quickly.
The below design will tick most all of your Sunshine Coast teenage retreat boxes. With enough space for a desk or sofa and a small kitchenette. This option is also a great addition to all small backyards – it can be installed to almost any spot. Also given the size, the financial investment is not as big as you’d expect. 

The Small Mancave



3m x 3m

Small Mancave 3 x 3

Where To Begin?

Our range of PODs not only offer significant improvements to your at home living situation, they are also fairly inexpensive to build. If you think that a POD is the right fit for you, firstly consider the below items:

  1. How much space do you require? We have experience fitting our PODs into tight spaces. During our preliminary assessment, we will discuss your options and give you a run over the process of moving the POD into your backyard. We will also discuss the Sunshine Coast Council rules with you – to clarify whether you will need to obtain approvals.
  2. What is your timeframe? The time taken to build your Sunshine Coast teenage retreat will vary based on a number of factors. Inclusive of approvals, reports and your selected materials. Once again, during our preliminary assessment, based on your ideas, we can narrow a timeframe down for you.
POD Homes

When it comes to building a Sunshine Coast teenage retreat – you can trust The Shed House team to help. Contact our friendly team today to get started on your plans and to discover more information about your unique situation.

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