The Gympie Council Rules Surrounding A Re-locatable Granny Flat


So you’ve decided to build a Gympie re-locatable granny flat – but where should you begin? A great place to begin is by exploring the Gympie Council rules surrounding a re-locatable granny flat. Before thinking about design options, pricing, and so on, you should know first what is and is not possible to build on your land. Once this information becomes clear, you should contact us to discuss your specific requirements further. As we will provide you with price indications and go through the design and timeframe details with you. So, let’s begin the process by covering the Gympie re-locatable granny flat building rules.

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Do Re-locatable Buildings Need Council Approval?

Yes, all building structures will require Council approval in the Gympie region. Even a re-locatable granny flat – however small it may be. It is our job to ensure your design will meet the Gympie council requirements. As we provide the complete service starting with plans, engineering, reports, approvals and construction – we want to set you up for success. If for example, you opt for a customised design, we will work with you, the Council rules and your budget – ensuring that the design will be possible to build.

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What are the Gympie Council Rules for Re-locatable Granny Flats?

A “granny flat” whether considered “re-locatable” or not has a specific definition according to the Gympie Council –

'A granny flat is a single dwelling used in conjunction with, and subordinate to, a dwelling house on the same lot. A granny flat may also be known as a secondary dwelling.'

In order for the building application to be successful there are a number of rules and regulations that we will address on the plans. The rules do apply to all zoning regions, including; the residential living zone, residential choice zone, character residential zone, tourist accommodation zone industry investigation zone, industry investigation zone, rural zone, rural residential zone, township zone and all others. However, it is likely that you, as a home or land owner will be located in only a few of the above (such as residential).
Your Gympie re-locatable granny flat must either; be attached to the primary (existing) dwelling, or be located no more than 20m away. The re-locatable granny flat also must not exceed 70m² in total internal space. Finally, the re-locatable granny flat must not be located in front of the primary dwelling, from the street entry. 

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Why Would I Build A Gympie Re-locatable Granny Flat?

According to the Gympie Council –

'A granny flat is only to be used in conjunction with, and subordinate to a dwelling house on the same lot. '

Meaning, that only family members of the same household may live in or make use of the granny flat. In the Gympie Council, a granny flat is not intended to be used for income purposes such as Airbnb

What Are My Next Steps?

Now you are sure of the Gympie Council rules surrounding a re-locatable granny flat, you will have a good idea whether it will be possible to obtain approval in your circumstance. If this is possible, your next steps will be to contact us. We will discuss the next steps you can take and cover any other outstanding questions that you may have surrounding the re-locatable granny flat.

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