Sustainable Living


Thinking greener, smarter, and energy efficient, and helps the environment, but also has instant benefits for the homeowner. We look at sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast.

What Is Sustainable Living?

Sustainability means replacing the resources that you use. This kind of lifestyle attempts to reduce use of the Earth's natural resources and carbon footprint. There are several ways in which we can lower our environmental impact, including practicing sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast. Every little bit counts when looking after pristine areas like hinterland.

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Think Greener

When practising sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast, it will help to make the home greener, with native plants. This will preserve the natural environment and attract the native animals, such as bees. By actively creating greener spaces you also allow plants to produce more oxygen for the planet, along with making your home more inviting to family and friends.

If you are looking to increase sustainability inside the homes, you can plant your own vegetables and fruit trees. This will give you control over the products used, limiting the foods exposure to insecticide and pesticides, which can be harmful for the environment and your health. You could also end up saving on petrol, because you would have what you need on your property.

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Live Smarter

When building, you might want to consider using modern technology to encourage sustainability within the home. From lights that turn off on their own to apps that help you monitor your utility usage, smart technology has come a long way. With the Internet of Things, you can integrate devices across the home, with temperature control and more, available at your fingertips.

But smart doesn’t just belong in the home. When you build with The Shed House, you will be using material that is locally sourced. This cuts down the travel it takes to get materials to your site, meaning less carbon emissions in the process.

Be Energy Efficient

A big idea behind sustainable living is giving what you get. With solar you can do just that. The Sunshine Coast has plenty of sunshine to go around, and is a great climate for using solar energy for electricity. You can practise sustainability by giving back to your power grid and lower the cost of your utility bills at the same time.

Energy efficiency can also come from choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home when building, or situating your home in the right place on the property to take advantage of natural breezes and light. Talk to The Shed House today about ways to be energy efficient, living greener and smarter. If you are interested reading more about our build inclusions, follow the link.

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