Tiny Home Alternative


Tiny home alternatives are quite popular, but what is it about them that people enjoy? We discuss tiny home alternatives on the Sunshine Coast.

What Is A Tiny Home?

There is an increasing trend to downsize, often to live a more free and simplified life. These ideals have helped shape the movement and popularity of tiny home alternatives on the Sunshine Coast. But, that is not all they offer.
The tiny home gets the name from being a small house, typically between 9 to 38 square meters. To put this into perspective, the average size Australian home is around 233 square meters. Essentially, tiny home alternatives on the Sunshine Coast can be described as small scale dwellings that are compact, yet equipped with all you need.
People consciously choose to live in small houses to lead a simple and free life, but they are also a great option for a teenage retreat, a hobby room, a space for elderly parents, or even rent them out to help ease mortgage costs. Their smaller size reduces the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep, saving you precious energy and time. 

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What Are The Options?

There are a wide range of houses built under this category depending upon their design and location. One popular concept is the tiny house on wheels. Once complete, you can simply hook it and take it anywhere, giving you the ultimate freedom. The Shed House offers tiny home alternatives on the Sunshine Coast, with their range of granny flats and PODs that can be built onsite.
A typical granny flat is a small home between 27 to 46 square meters. A POD is a modular studio-style or 2-bedroom demountable kitted out with modern conveniences. While both are often located on the property of a main home owner, tiny homes are frequently self-sufficient and can provide you with all you need.
Small does not need to mean less either.
Tiny homes are made to suit your needs and interests. They can accommodate gorgeous modern and interior designs according to your requirements and budget as the innovative design of these homes can effectively utilise space. Or you can add accessibility options such as wide doorways allowing easy mobility of wheelchairs and non-slip flooring. You could also integrate technology, including smart features like automatic control of the lighting, door locks, and audio and visual equipment. The home would be yours, built to reflect your interests, needs, and style.

What Are The Benefits?

No matter the option you choose, here are some benefits you could look forward to from a tiny home alternative on the Sunshine Coast.

•Lower utility bills
•Great to build if you are on a budget
•Less mortgage
•Easier maintenance

•More time for the things you love
•A simpler life
•Reflect your values

Do you like the idea of a tiny home? You can talk to The Shed House about their wide range of floor plans and designs. Alternatively, you can view some of our tiny home options here.

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