Retirement Housing Options


It is good to know you have options when you are ready to retire. We look at retirement housing options on the Sunshine Coast. Which one would be right for you?

Stay In Your Current Home

When considering retirement housing on the Sunshine Coast, the most desirable may be staying in your current home. With the many services that will come to your home to help you with accessibility, it may be the best option for you. However, if your home requires making repairs to keep up with your needs, the cost may rise. For example, you might need to build a ramp, make the bathroom safe with handlebars and a walk-in tub or adjust the height of the kitchen sink or even the dishwasher. The cost can add up. It can be especially difficult when you want to stay around the same location as your friends and family, but you won’t necessarily save money when you sell and buy in the same area.

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Buy A Smaller Home Elsewhere

Another option for retirement housing on the Sunshine Coast is to sell your current home and downsize. Your health and energy are precious, and as you age, a home not suited to your needs can be damaging to both. A smaller home can assist with mobility issues and requires less maintenance. While a backyard is desirable for children, it can be time-consuming planting, weeding, mowing and can take up your time with tedious yard work. A smaller home means you can spend more time with your loved ones in a safe environment, particularly if you purchase a home already equipped with accessibility features.

Move Into A Retirement Village

You could consider moving into a retirement village. If you are concerned about serious health issues, some retirement villages are close to aged care homes. This can help if you are wanting to be close to a spouse, while maintaining independence. Retirement villages can also offer new opportunities to socialise and make friends. There are different types of retirement villages around the Sunshine Coast. Many with a community feel and that allow for a social life, without needing to travel far, or by yourself.


Build An Accessible Granny Flat On A Family Members Property

A popular option for retirement housing on the Sunshine Coast is to sell the home, or rent it out, to then build a granny flat on a family members property. As multigenerational spaces can provide both privacy and versatility, the granny flat will become an asset to the property. An accessible granny flat can accommodate the family’s needs for earlier and later years, improve the value of the home, as well as help to keep your loved ones close. There are many designs to choose from and can be adapted to suit retirement living, or a teenagers retreat. If you are after a retirement housing option that offers benefits for the whole family, a granny flat is worth considering. You can view more information about our wheelchair accessible homes here.

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