Types of Insulation for Granny Flats

If you are considering building your very own granny flat, you may be wondering what types of insulation for granny flats are available to you. This will be particularly important if you are conscious about the environment and your monthly bills. Passive cooling and warming methods employed in the construction of your granny flat will save money long term. In this article we will cover the types of insulation that we utilise in all new granny flat builds.

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Insulation Batts – Walls

Insulation Batts are made from fiberglass or mineral wool. Insulation Batts are primarily used to insulate all walls in our granny flats. The wall batts that we utilise are guaranteed to reduce energy used for heating and cooling, leading to a decrease in energy consumption.* It is interesting to note that up to 25% of the heat in Winter can leave and about the same in Summer can enter through the walls. The wall batts will act as a barrier to slow this process and therefore make a substantial difference to how the temperature will feel inside.
*As compared to building without Insulation Batts.

Roof Blanket

The particular brand of Roof Blanket we install is called the Space Blanket (LINK - https://www.knaufinsulation.com.au/product/space-blanket). The Space Blanket is designed to manage heat gain and heat loss. This type of insulation is a specialist under-metal roof insulation. The space blanket is made with soft Earthwool® insulation and is laminated with an anti-condensing facing foil. The soft wool is made with upto 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE ® Technology – a sustainable bio-based binder containing no formaldehyde. When being manufactured, the soft wool gets spun into shape – much like fairy floss, creating millions of air pockets. The air pockets work as conductors of hot or cold air, hence why they are very effective at keeping your granny flat nice and comfortable throughout the year with a great energy efficiency rating. Therefore keeping your granny flat cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps are used in conjunction with the Insulation Batts. The wall wrap we use is called the ThermalBreak7 ™. The ThermalBrake7™  will contribute to the overall R-value by forming a reflective air cavity with an unventilated air space. Combined, this can deliver upwards of R1.0 to the thermal performance of the wall or ceiling, especially with good performance against downwards heat flow in Summer conditions. The benefits of the ThermalBreak7™ does also extend to:

  • High BAL rated areas
  • Will serve as an acoustic barrier
  • And is very heavy duty. 

In summary, we do prioritise energy efficiency in every single granny flat build. Insulation for granny flats is something we take very seriously, enabling us to achieve good R-Values. If you are still curious about how we will make your next build as energy efficient as possible, get in touch with our friendly team today.

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