What is a Sunshine Coast Shed House? Why Build a Sunshine Coast Shed House?

You may decide to build a Sunshine Coast shed house for a number of different reasons. One of the biggest that we hear from our clients is for climate reasons. What better to suit the Sunshine Coast climate than a shed house! Or better yet, this may be for cost reasons. If you are new to the research phase, you will probably have plenty of questions – including what the difference is between a shed, shed house and traditional home. Let’s dive deep into what is involved with building a Sunshine Coast shed house.

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Shed VS Shed House VS Traditional Home – Is There A Difference?

Yes, it may be surprising to learn that there is in fact a very big difference between shed, shed house and a traditional home. What this comes down to is the class of building. For residential purposes, there are to main building classifications.

  1. Class 10a. A class 10a building will be a shed, which is non habitable. 
  2. Class 1a. A class 1a building may have many different names, such as a home, a granny flat and yes, a shed house.

Any building that is designed to be habitable.
While a shed home may look similar to a shed from the outside, and be built from steel framing as well, the addition of a kitchen and/or a bathroom will be the biggest difference between the two.

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Why Build A Sunshine Coast Shed House?

If you are wanting to build a new home, there are many reasons why you should consider building a Sunshine Coast shed house. Compared to traditional building methods, building a shed house can be less expensive – depending on the choices you make during the design stages of course. While it is true, steel prices have seen a rise over the past 12 months or so, all building materials have also been subject to this.

A Sunshine Coast shed home is designed for the Queensland climate, whether that be heat, cold, rain or extreme landscapes. The materials used in the build are very durable and can withstand all that the local Sunshine Coast hinterland climate will create. Steel framing and cladding is completely resistant to termites, and is fairly quick to assemble as well!

Our unique combination of engineering principles along with the “shed” concept and aesthetic, allows us to keep all of the benefits of shed framing, in a liveable dwelling. It is interesting to note how versatile the shed home design can be as well. Whether you prefer a modern and minimal aesthetic, or traditional and homely feel, we can help you achieve the desired look. Your design is completely customisable and made for you!

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It is clear that there are many reasons to build a Sunshine Coast shed home, in the current world. If you would like to learn more about the design and build possibilities, submit an enquiry with us today. Our team are ready and waiting to step you through the shed home building process.

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