7 Reasons to Add a Kit Home in Queensland

At The Shed House, we specialise in supplying and installing kit homes in Queensland. Whether you live in South East Queensland, the Wide Bay Burnett region, or up in the Far North, we can help get your new project underway.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an Owner Builder? Our steel fabricated kit homes are ideal for any Owner Builder looking to create a simple and cost-effective home solution. To find out more about becoming an Owner Builder and the benefits of building a kit home, click on the links or give us a call on 1800 270 750.

The Shed House offers a wide range of stylish, spacious and quality steel kit homes at competitive prices to suit the tough Queensland climate. We can supply our kit homes to most locations in Queensland that are accessible by truck. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, cottage or contemporary style kit home, The Shed House process capitalises on 7 key clever design features that will make your build easier.

1. Pre-cut and measured steel frames

We reduce the need for on site measuring and cutting by pre-manufacturing the exact frame required for your building. This reduces build time and minimises the risk of cutting and measurement errors.

2. Light weight steel

Our steel frames are light-weight and engineered to easily assemble into sturdy panels. This makes frames easier assemble, lift and manoeuvre into place.

3. Quick build time

The Shed House utilises a systemised approach to construction that will make building your new kit home easy. Our frames also include all service holes for trades and allows for easy lining – further decreasing build time!

4. Comprehensive instruction manual

We provide an easy to follow 'DIY' guide including step by step instructions for assembly. Whether you’re building from the ground up as an Owner Builder or sourcing your own trades, having comprehensive instructions means your kit home will go up faster and neater.

5. Customisation

 Modification of our standard floor plans is easy – contact us to find out how!

6. Cost-effective

Our kit homes are manufactured in South East Queensland and shipped as either a flat pack or pre-built panels – allowing for cheaper shipping and reducing the overall cost of your project.

7. Built to last

Our kit homes are designed to withstand the test of time in the tough Queensland climate.

Contact The Shed House team for a kit home price!

Discover all about The Shed House difference, and how we can make building your new home easier. From small country style studios and granny flats, to impressive 6-bedroom manors, The Shed House have a great range of kit home designs to suit your needs! Check out our full range here: Kit Homes

We offer inspired design options, and can adjust your cladding preferences. Each plan is customisable!