10 Things to Consider Before Building a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast

There is a lot to consider when choosing the best place to be building a Shed Home on your Sunshine Coast property. Check out our list of 10 simple things to consider that will make building a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast a breeze, so you can get on with enjoying your new home sooner!

1. Topography

The Sunshine Coast boasts a wide range of topography that is important to consider while you are building a Shed Home, Granny Flat or Home Studio. Your block may have several potential places where you can build – but which is the best?

While flat land is always easiest and cheapest to build on, gentle slopes are usually no trouble with minor earthworks. At The Shed House, we also specialise in suspended flooring systems, which are a great alternative for building over steeply sloping or uneven ground. Check out our blog Benefits of a Suspended Floor for more information on building a Shed Home using a suspend flooring system.

2. The Build Site

On the Sunshine Coast, different local Councils have different rules about zoning requirements and secondary dwellings. Is your proposed build site near any streams or waterways, a protected vegetation area, a bushfire exclusion zone, or land prone to flooding? At The Shed House, we can help to identify these exclusion zones when you live in the Sunshine Coast area.

3. Building Orientation

Are there any natural features in the area you can take advantage of when deciding where to build your Shed Home?

  • A great Sunshine Coast hinterland view?
  • Refreshing sea breeze or beachside location?
  • Peaceful outlook into bushland or waterways?
  • Lots of native birdlife and Sunshine Coast fauna?

It’s also a great idea to position your Shed Home for cross-ventilation and with north-facing orientation. A north-facing position means the sun will be directly overhead in Summer (your home is protected by your insulated roof). In Winter, sunlight and heat can enter your home from the northern face, naturally warming your Shed Home.

A member of The Shed House Team can meet you on-site to give practical building advice tailored to your block! 

4. Certification and Compliance

To ensure your new Shed Home complies to the tough Australian standards, a series of tests and certifications are required when building on the Sunshine Coast. The Shed House Team can work closely with your Council and our qualified certifiers to ensure your new home is built to meet all current specifications for a Class 1 (human occupied) dwelling. We can streamline the complicated approvals process, so you can get on with building your new home as quickly as possible.

5. Sustainability

By thinking about sustainability and ways to future-proof your Shed Home during the pre-build planning stage, you can save a lot of money, and minimise your impact on the Sunshine Coast environment, well into the future.

Have you thought about the benefits of adding these to your Shed Home?

  • Solar panels and battery storage
  • Water tanks
  • Roof and wall insulation
  • A solar hot water system
  • A grey water system
  • Double glazed windows
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Water saving devices

Check out our blog on sustainable building design by clicking the link!

6. Floorplan and Layout

When it comes to designing your new Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast, the first step is to find a floorplan that caters to your needs – and satisfies a few of your ‘wants’ as well! The Shed House offers a wide variety of floor plans inspired by clever and efficient use of space. Check out our range of Shed Homes and Granny flats by clicking on the links! Or, let our in-house architect design something completely unique for you and your family!

Some important considerations when deciding on a floorplan for your Shed Home:

  • Number of bedrooms – and who are they for?
  • Number of bathrooms – do you want an extra large shower, a bathtub, double sinks, etc?
  • Indoor living spaces – loungeroom, dining room, sunroom, etc.
  • Garage or carport
  • Studio or workshop
  • Study or office
  • Something else?

At The Shed House, we know all of the engineering, bushfire safety and setback requirements – so you don’t have to! 

7. Outdoor Living Space

A lot of people seek to add outdoor living space to their homes on the Sunshine Coast for a variety of reasons. Adding a patio, deck or alfresco space is a great way to expand your Shed Home without counting towards the m² of the floorplan. Would you use an outdoor living space for:

  • Cooking
  • Relaxing
  • Entertaining
  • Kids play area
  • Something else?

Remember to consider the practical things that could spoil your outdoor atmosphere – like the clothes line or air-conditioning unit. Try to keep these away from your area of relaxation.

8. Design Style

How will your new home compliment your Sunshine Coast setting and lifestyle? What sort of styles and finishes do you like? How do you want your building to feel when you look at the finished product? Think about whether you want your Shed Home to:

  • Stand out or blend in with the surroundings
  • Feel light and airy or warm and cosy
  • Match an existing building

Great ways to enhance the living space of your Shed Home include:

Adding feature downlights

Installing nice ceiling fans

Planting a herb garden near the kitchen

Adding feature pot plants or edible orchard trees to your deck or patio

Using plants like camellias and gardenias to perfume the air by the windows and doors

9. Construction

Building a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast is a great investment. At The Shed House, we offer Kit Supply, Lock Up and Turn Key build packages – click the links to find out more about each process! 

Have you ever thought of becoming an Owner Builder? At The Shed House, we make building your own Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast easy! Find out more here. 

At The Shed House, we can easily add a patio, deck or outdoor room to your floorplan to make sure you have enough space to enjoy the Sunshine Coast outdoor lifestyle!

10. Connection of Services

It’s important to make sure essential services are connected before moving in to your new Shed Home. How much these connections cost will depend on your land and distance to the nearest connection point.

Your Shed Home will need:

  • Electricity – will you use solar power, connect to the grid, or both?
  • Water – will you connect to town water, rainwater, bore water, or a mixture?
  • Waste – connection to town sewerage is an option if you live in urban areas, but if you live farther out you will need to install a septic tank or alternative waste treatment system on site.
  • Gas – if required.

Get in touch with our friendly team at The Shed House Sunshine Coast today and let us help you through the process! Our team is driven by a passion to provide cost-effective housing alternatives for people seeking to build something special. We would love to hear about your project, so get in touch with one of our experts, let’s start your quote today!