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Sunshine Coast Teenage Retreats

Choosing to build your own Sunshine Coast teenage retreat could be the answer to all of your growing family challenges. It is certainly fair to say that most families with older kids or teenagers will experience discomfort from sharing a communal space. Creating or building a separate zone outside of your main living area is […]

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Noosa Council Rules for Movable Offices

You may be considering building your own Noosa home office – what are the Noosa Council rules for movable offices? Do you need approval for a movable office? Most importantly, what is the importance pertaining to approvals and your timeframe requirements? As we delve deeper into 2022, one thing has become clear. More and more […]

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Sunshine Coast Home Studio

So you consider yourself to be a hobby enthusiast – how can a Sunshine Coast home studio improve your creative outlet? Whatever your hobby may involve, we can help to make your downtime more enjoyable. There may be many reasons for building a Sunshine Coast home studio – whether you want additional space outside of […]

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Noosa Backyard Offices

Are you considering building a Noosa backyard office? Creating extra space for your business is what we specialise in, here at The Shed House. We offer a great range of modular PODs that can be customised to suit your exact home office requirements. The possibilities are endless, so whether you have specific requirements, are limited […]

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Home Offices Sunshine Coast

As we work our way into 2022, it is clear that individually, we all will be experiencing many changes – that including moving to a Sunshine Coast home office set up. We have a great lifestyle here in the Sunshine Coast region. Close to the beaches, rainforest hinterland and many other unique destinations. If the […]

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What is a Tiny House Sunshine Coast?

There are many varying definitions that apply to the term – tiny house Sunshine Coast. So then, what does this building style mean, and what is the purpose for? A tiny house is essentially a small structure designed for living, working or projects. A Sunshine Coast tiny house will be significantly smaller than a regular […]

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Dawn's Place - Timber Clad Garage

Granny Flats and Garages Sunshine Coast

One of our more popular builds will be a granny flat and enclosed garage in the Sunshine Coast. Whilst a granny flat addition is quickly becoming a great solution for family members, the simple addition of a garage will help to solve any storage concerns that you may have. What are the Sunshine Coast Council […]

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