Kit Home Prices – Why Build a Sunshine Coast Kit Home?


So you are considering building your very own home, but are wondering what on earth are the going kit home prices? To answer that question, lets start at the very beginning.

Here at The Shed House we do have a range of plans that can be supplied as a ready to go kit home. However, most people will want to customise to a certain extent. Whether this be to better suit the site, or personal living preferences. The Shed House will custom design or supply from an existing plan. Lets look at what is involved with building your own kit home and all associated kit home price considerations.

How to Build a Kit Home?

There are two options, either you manage and complete the build yourself as an owner builder. Or you employ a builder - like us! Both come with a unique set of advantages and challenges. Read more about our owner builder process, if you are considering becoming one.

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Where to Begin?

A great starting point will be to work out your total budget. Have you purchased land or do you already own this? Have you spoken to a financial lender about borrowing money, or can you fund this entirely? The amount that you can dedicate to the build will dictate the size and features of your home.

So once you have decided who will be building your home and what your budget is, you will need to consider what type of design you prefer. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. You can start small by compiling a list of needs and wants, and begin planning the layout. Or, you may have already found one of our pre-designed plans that tick all of the boxes. 

Dawn's Place - Kitchen Design

So, What are the Kit Home Prices?

Your very own kit home price will depend on the size and inclusions. Please read more about our kit home inclusions here. Our ranges start at $17,000 and upwards. Once you narrow the design down, we will be able to provide more accurate costings.

How to Obtain A Final Quote?

There are a few steps involved in receiving a final, concrete kit home price. Read the process below.

  1. 1
    Complete your own site specific plans – we will assist with this step.
  2. 2
    Complete any site specific reports. Including engineering, soil test and any others such a BAL ratings.
  3. 3
    Submit your final plans and engineering for a final costing.
  4. 4
    Start the approval and build process!
Dawn's Place - Bathroom Luxury

If you are committed to this rewarding and enjoyable owner builder process, then a kit home is the way to go! Above all, The Shed House team are here along your journey, providing support to help you complete your project. Contact us to get started on your new kit home. You can view our most popular kit home designs here.

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