Noosa Granny Flat Approvals – Secondary Dwelling Approval


Don’t know where to begin with you Noosa Granny Flat approval? Have you been wondering whether or not approval is even needed for your Noosa Granny Flat?

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What Rules do the Noosa Council Impose?

When referring to a Noosa Granny Flat approval, it is important to note the below –
‘A self-contained secondary dwelling (like a granny flat) may be constructed as part of a dwelling house providing it meets the requirements of the Noosa Plan 2020, building codes and the Planning Regulation 2017.
A secondary dwelling means a dwelling, whether attached or detached, that is used in conjunction with, and subordinate to a dwelling house on the same lot.’
In other words, a Granny Flat as termed by Noosa Council terminology is called a secondary dwelling. Any secondary dwelling built must be smaller and subordinate to the primary dwelling. It is not intended to be a second home on the land.
A secondary dwelling may only be built for family members or those who intend on living there long term. The idea is not to create a second avenue of income such as Air BnB. The secondary dwelling may not be used for short term accommodation or as a home based business such as visitor accommodation.
No more than one secondary dwelling is permitted per land title, regardless of the land you may occupy – 600m² or 100 acres.

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What Should the Plans Look Like in order to Obtain Approvals?

In the Noosa Council, a secondary dwelling may have one or two bedrooms with a maximum internal ground floor area of 65m². Any outdoor areas are not included in that tally, such as balconies, decks, patios, car park areas, etc.
The secondary dwelling will require one additional on-site car park space, above what has been allowed for in the primary dwelling. As a minimum, three parking spaces will be needed in total.
In addition, if your property does not have access to town water, you will need to install a rainwater tank with a minimum capacity of 60,000 litres.
In addition, the below setback requirements will apply to any secondary dwelling:





Low Density Residential

4.5m (small corner blocks)

1.5m (<4.5m), 2.0m (<7.5m)

3m or diagram below

Rural Residential Zone


6m is less than 10,000m²

6m is less than 10,000m²

Rural Zone >  20,000m²


6m is less than 10,000m²

6m is less than 10,000m²

Do I need Building Approval?

Yes, every single building whether it is to be a granny flat, shed or home will require building approval. Interestingly however, if the secondary dwelling does meet all of the criteria as outlined by Noosa Council you will not need to apply for a Development Application. Please note that building approval is different to a Development application.

Building approvals are something we work with daily here at The Shed House, using our own certifier. 

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